What is a Heritage?

The online Free Dictionary states that heritage includes “anything that has been trasmitted from the past or handed down by tradition.” It encompasses “evidence of the past, such as historical sites, buildings, and the unspoilt natural environment, considered collectively as the inheritance of present-day society.”
The Nauvoo Historical Society’s mission is to preserve and promote the town’s rich multi-cultural heritage. We are proud of our two non-profit museums, the Rheinberger House in the state park, and the Weld House on Mulholland Street. Both of these gracious, historical buildings priovide evidence of a long timeline with a history spanning over 200 years. Each artifact and photo was donated by residents of Nauvoo and the surrounding area. Like the well-loved “Velveteen Rabbit,” the artifacts that the museums hold are worn; they are scratched and chipped, signs of use and involvement in the lives of the families they represent. In addition to our lovely museums, we savor the tranquil beauty of our “unspoilt” state park, where the Rheinberger is located. The museums and park are truly a treasured inheritance which we are pleased to share with local residents and visitors alike.

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