Next NHS Member Meeting - August 11th, 7pm, Christ Lutheran Hall, Nauvoo, IL!

Tom Roush will share his talent with "Music through Time" at 7pm

Come and join the Fun!

     Throughout the year the Nauvoo Historical Society holds many events. We hold quarterly Membership Meetings held in February, May, August and November. The November meeting is the NHS Annual Dinner Meeting. It is held at the famous Hotel Nauvoo. Our members and guests fill the Lane K Newberry Room for an evening of supper, meeting and edutainment! Our other quarterly meetings include business and a guest speaker along with refreshments. 

     Our museums open on May 15th through October 15th with individual, family and group tours welcome. Hours are daily 1-4 pm with special appointments also available. Each guide adds a little flavor to your tour because our guides have lived in the area for quite a while. The guides add their own family experience of farming, teaching, fishing to each tour as they describe the many local artifacts at the museums.

     Also, stop by our gardens at the Weld House, the Rheinberger Museum and the Walking Tour Park (across from the State Bank of Nauvoo ) and see the Merchant, Icarian and Sisters of St. Benedict's history. Take a walk and visit the buildings and their former locations. Pick up the Walking Tour handouts and create your own booklet of Nauvoo history! Visit the Weld and Rheinberger House museums! Come visit and see what we have saved for you. 

     In October we hold our annual Pie Table event on the lawn of Hotel Nauvoo. We offer pie, and refreshments at the Bootiful Nauvoo event also known as the Pumpkin Walk.

     In November we participate in the Grape Festival with extra tours and longer hours at both museums. For many years we have held a Grape Festival Pageant, also known as the Wedding of the Wine & Cheese. This little play brings the Nauvoo Timeline to life reenacting over 200 years of history in a one-hour production! The NHS Pageant will not be held this year but do check our schedule for next year in 2017.

    We also participate at other events, so you may see us, at our NHS Table with books to sell. Stop by and visit our museums, see us at our events, send us a note of visit our Facebook page. Hope to see you soon!

​​Nauvoo Historical Society